That’s funny, I just came from the suck…

Vegan Couple Wants Special Treatment At Sister’s Wedding

Vegan couple wants special treatment while attending sister's wedding.

Grandma Harasses People At Comic-Con With Horrible Jokes

If their intention was to be funny by having a rude grandma go around and disturb the peace at Comic-Con with a barrage of rude jokes, they failed miserably. This just ended up being a cringe disaster-piece.  Submitted by: (via Ross Smith) Tagged: comic con , FAIL , cringe , grandma , ridiculous , rude , Video , stupid Share on Facebook

Cat Meows Greeting With A Southern Drawl

Well if that isn’t the funniest and most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what it is. This cat is a legend in the making! Submitted by: (via Elsa Anna Arendelle) Tagged: ridiculous , Cats , funny , Video , animals Share on Facebook

Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Staff With His Wax Figure

The real question here is why are Jimmy Kimmel’s employees so terrified of him? It’s just Jimmy Kimmel, guys…. Submitted by: (via Jimmy Kimmel Live) Tagged: jimmy kimmel , prank , ridiculous , reaction , funny Share on Facebook

News Reports Mystery of Pigeons with Cowboy Hats

Someone is putting cowboy hats on pigeons in Las Vegas. The main three questions are “who” as well as “why” but possibly the biggest mystery is “how do you get a pigeon to wear a cowboy hat?” Hopefully it doesn’t hurt them. Submitted by: (via KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas) Tagged: news , wtf , birds , strange , interesting , cowboy hat , cowboy , pigeons , weird Share on Facebook

Things That Fit Perfectly

Satidfying images of things fitting into other things.

Tumblr User Imagines Hilarious Addams Family Twist

A Tumblr user imagines a hilarious twist on the Addams Family movies.

Laughable Liars That Got Outed Online

A collection of dishonest moments from liars online, and then them getting called out.

Teachers Share Their Worst Parent-Teacher Conferences

Stories of bad parent teacher conferences.