Smells like Teansparent


Come on, Girl

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Any Thing For Some Attention

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No Choice

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Adorable Baby Husky All Dressed Up

Husky Pup In A TuxedoStart your weekend off with this little Husky pup in a tuxedo 😍 MyWinterfell's Siberian HuskiesPosted by UNILAD on Saturday, October 21, 2017 All we can say is awww! What a cutie!!! Submitted by: (via MyWinterfell’s Siberian Huskies!) Tagged: husky , cute , baby husky , funny Share on Facebook

Nepal Celebrates An Annual Festival Dedicated To Worshiping Dogs And It’s Beautiful

annual festival in Nepal Worships Dogs

Reason #562 To Get A Pet

a cute comic on why you need to get a pet

See What Happens When a Red Panda Sees a Stone

Red Panda Encounters A StoneA wild stone appears 😂😂Posted by UNILAD on Friday, October 20, 2017 Watch out! That stone came out of nowhere!  Submitted by: (via @pro824824824) Tagged: red panda , cute , facebook , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Movie Posters Get Makeover With Sharks

a funny list of movies with sharks as the main characters

Absurd Facts About Animals That Are Actually Absolutely True

true facts about animals