Schrödinger’s belt.

Foolhardy Woman Wants $6K Worth Of A Puzzled Seller’s Finest Products Free For Charity

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The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Adulting Struggles In 20 Relatable Memes

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14 Children Of "Speak to Your Manager" Parents Tell Their Stories

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Trickster Husband Photoshop Trolls His Wife Into A Hilarious Panic

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BBC Calls Random Woman Rudolf Hess And Mistake Hitler For The Weather

The BBC News segment that’s the gift that just keeps on giving… Submitted by: (via PublicEnquiry) Tagged: On-Air Blooper , wtf , cringe , ridiculous , bbc , Video Share on Facebook

Bridezilla’s Crazy Wedding Guest Requirements Gets Ceremonial Roasting In The Comments

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Can Millennials Open Up A Can Of Paint

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40 Ashamed People Share Basic Information They Realized Way Too Late

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Guy Catches His Girlfriend Cheating And Tries To Win Her Back In The Worst Way

Is this real life. A questionable strategy to say the very least. This cheating fail is an oldie, but damn is it a goldie.  Submitted by: (via Luke McQueen) Tagged: FAIL , cringe , relationships , cheating , ridiculous , dating Share on Facebook