MoonPie Reminds Us Dad Jokes Are The Best With One Tweet

MoonPie company reminds us why dad jokes are the best with one funny tweet.

BFF’s Enjoying Some Quality Time

BFFs enjoying some quality playtime— HUMOROUS ANIMALS (@CUTEFUNNYANIMAL) February 11, 2018 Submitted by: (via Cute funny animals on twitter) Share on Facebook

Be Brave, Mom!

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My Ducks

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Artist Creates Mesmerizing Fluffy Dogs Using Pencil and Ink

dogs art chinese new year - 4816133

Watch How These Huskies Hilariously Fight And Then "Make Up"

Just like any married couple! Submitted by: (via FaithTap) Tagged: dogs , husky , fight , make up , Video Share on Facebook

6 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Enjoy Valentine’s day with your feline friend who truly loves you.  Submitted by: (via Sho Ko) Share on Facebook

Just 23 Unusual Animal Friends Taking a Nap Together

unusual together friends taking nap sleeping animals - 4816389

Top 30 Memes of The Week – Cheezburger Users Edition #38

lolcats I Can Has Cheezburger edition Memes Cats funny - 4818181

18 Times Animals Had To Deal With Relationship Issues (Memes)

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