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Matthew McConaughey Tells the Amazing Story About the One Time His Dad Won a Motorbike in a Literal Pissing Contest

I said hot damn can McConaughey weave one hell of a tale. It’s gotta be something with the delivery — the cadence, the illustrative word choice…the authenticity. Regardless of what it is that makes this southern gent so particularly gifted when it comes to the craft of storytelling, sit back and enjoy as he talks about that one time his old man pissed himself a shiny new bicycle. Submitted by: (via Graham Norton Show) Tagged: Graham Norton , matthew mcconaughey , story , Video Share on Facebook

Watch that Girl from The Ring Crawl Out of a Real TV and Scare that Shit Out People in a Prank That IS NOT FUNNY, OK?

Viral marketing knows no bounds, and neither does that creep girl from The Ring. What with her climbing out of TVs after you watch her video, she’s been scaring people for over ten years and in at least two languages. Put together as a promo for Rings, the latest installment in a movie series that really hoping for a VHS revival, this promotional prank sees Samara crawling out of a TV in a real-life TV showroom, not unlike your local Best Buy. Real funny, guys. Jokes on you. I’m never leaving the house again. Submitted by: (via Paramount Pictures) Tagged: scary , prank , the ring Share on Facebook

These People Are Determined to Get Half An Onion More Followers on Twitter Than The Real Donald Trump

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Sorry Soul Finds Out Wife’s Been Cheating On Him For Two Years In Worst, Most Brutal Way Imaginable

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20 People Describe Those Times When They Knew It Was Time to Move

Here’s a Gif of the World’s Best Tee-ball Player Striking Out and Hitting a Homerun at the Same Time

fail gif girl hits sister with bat

Current and Past Employees of Walmart Share Glory Stories From Their Craziest Shifts

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Hours After Everyone Saw Him Cry on TV, White Supremacist Richard Spencer Tried to Troll Aziz Ansari, So Everyone Reminded Spencer That They Saw Him Cry on TV

The Horrific Sims Logic Twitter Account Highlights the Weird Glitches of the Game, Will Make Sure You Never Sleep Again

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