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Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets Roasted For Saying We’re Using The Word Awesome Wrong

twitter roast ridiculous insult Neil deGrasse Tyson funny - 5384453

Clever Guy Gets Text From Scammer and Trolls Them Till They Lose It

Guy trolls scammer that tries to get him to send him all his codes for iTunes gift cards.

Enraged Customer Freaks Out After Finding Plastic In His Milkshake

Everyone seems to be in a great and totally rational state of mind here… Submitted by: (via Gustav Danielsbacka) Tagged: customer service , cringe , freakout , ridiculous , fast food , Video Share on Facebook

Guy Hilariously Photo-Documents Lonesome Trip To Australia

australia picture traveling funny - 5384197

Guy Saves The Day When Road Rager Attacks Woman’s Car

Faith in humanity (temporarily) restored… Submitted by: (via Aaron Vansickle) Tagged: faith in humanity restored , freakout , road rage , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

18 Cringey Things People Did While Blackout Drunk

Sad drinking secret FAIL whisper mistakes black out funny - 5999109

19 Mindless Mouth Breathers Deserving Of The Darwin Award

mouth breather social media ridiculous dumb idiots stupid - 5999365

10 Times People Online Were Aggressively Stupid

greece mlm flat earth facebook anti-vaxxers dumb stupid dinosaurs - 5946117

Escort Girl Texts Wrong Number Demanding $10K And Hilarity Ensues

wrong number cringe conversation ridiculous texting - 5999877