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Spelling FAIL

epic fail photos - Spelling Fail

Bike Faceplant FAIL

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funny pictures-Energee?  Ai  haz  it  ...  sumwere.  Mite  be  hidin  behin  teh  cowch  or  maybe  ai  left  it  under  teh  bed.  If  u  findz  it,  jus  leeve  it  der  in  kase  ai  needz  it.

Now anointeth

funny pictures-Now anointeth thy skillet in preparation for my burger.

Four Yager Bombs later

funny pictures-Four Yager Bombs later and  Larry STILL danced like a white guy.

Friday, I’m in Love: Scuze Meh, Teecher? Dis Lubbin Kinda Hurtz!

Funny Pictures - Friday I'm in Love

Week 1:

funny pictures-Week 1:     Used the Big Eyes face to have humans giving me treats and the best spot on the sofa where the dog isn't allowed.  Week 2:     Have brain-washed the dog into protectin' me 'cause I'm so little.  Week 3:     World domination should be a snap fr

mom’s gonna kill you

funny pictures-mom's gonna kill you, kitteh-san.

GIF: Meh, Go Ahead. I Eets U Later, Newayz, Seaburd.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Frankly, I just don’t see

funny pictures-Frankly,  I just don't see what's the big deal about YouTube.