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epic fail photos - Lazy FAIL

Shelf Placement FAIL

epic fail photos - Shelf Placement FAIL

Bus Safety FAIL

epic fail photos - bus safety fail gif

Aim tukkerd owt.

funny pictures-Aim tukkerd owt.

Woah bro .. check it out..

funny pictures-Woah bro .. check it out..

“You know, he just sits there,

Ai Kin Tell By teh Pixelz: 10 Photoshopped CATsterpieces

We awl knowz dat kittehz is a big part of teh internetz. Photoshopz is alsew a big part of teh internetz. So wen dese powerful forses combine: MAGIC! Wif photshop u kin:
Has a kitteh brake teh bad noos to ur kidz!
Funny Pictures - Photoshopped Cats

Life is like a screen door

funny pictures Life is like a screen door:  Somedays you're the door, others you're  the bug on it

Cuz U Rly Dunt Want Meh 2 Come Ober Dere!

Funny Pictures - Grumpy Owl

‘derez no basmints in Florida

funny pictures-'derez no basmints in Florida