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Lumber Break FAIL

Submitted through the FAIL Uploader

Ad Phrase FAIL

epic fail photos - Ad Phrase FAIL

You might need deez

funny pictures - You might need deez  after u see da living room

Spell “Evian” backwardz

Funny Pictures - Spell Evian backwardz

Batman vs. Teh Internet: Longcat Attaks!

Funny Pictures - Batman vs. Teh Internet: Longcat Attaks!

WOW! Steve!

funny pictures - WOW! Steve! Did you see the size of that bird?!?

Happy Skwirrel Appreesheeayshun Day!

Happy Skwirrel Appreesheeayshun Day!


funny pictures - THE HUNT FOR RED CATOBER

U Lewkin Sew Fly, Ducky!

Funny Pictures - Duck Got Her Weave Did


funny pictures - Sassy, do you have something in your mouth?