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I knew dat hamster

funny pictures - I knew dat hamster wud like dis wheel!  Just lissen to himz skweek!

Goggies R Owr Friends: U Dare 2 Interrupt Owr Cuddlez?!

Funny Pictures - Cats and Dogs are Friends

That’s odd.

funny pictures - That's odd. These cushions should be level. Wonder why mine is so much lower?

There I Fixed It: A Kludge Too Far

epic fail photos - There I FIxed It: A Kludge Too Far

Compass FAIL

epic fail photos - Compass FAIL

Slip And Slide FAIL


funny pictures - So THAT'S a birthday suit?

must .. resist ..

funny pictures - must .. resist .. cant .. resist .. must .. resist ..

Einstein’s Cat Plans Lunch

funny pictures - Einstein's Cat Plans Lunch

Monday iz

funny pictures - Monday iz a terrible way 2 spend 1/7 uv ur life