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Let’s see your brain

Hunting Display FAIL

epic fail photos - Hunting Display FAIL

Autocomplete Me: Procrasturbation

Google gets in the way sometimes.
epic fail photos - autocomplete me procrasturbation

CLASSIC: The Devil’s Playground is Understandably Quiet

epic fail photos - CLASSIC: The Devil's Playground is Understandably Quiet

Bake Sale FAIL

epic fail photos - Bake Sale FAIL

Customer Service FAIL

epic fail photos - Customer Service FAIL

Faith In Your Parkour FAIL

There I Fixed It: Sharing is Caring!

white trash repairs - Share The Air!

Sympathy FAIL

epic fail photos - Sympathy FAIL

Probably Bad News: It Was a Bit Rubbery

epic fail photos - Probably Bad News: It Was a Bit Rubbery