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Failbook: Crappy Films

funny facebook fails - Crappy Films

There I Fixed It: Outdoor/Indoor Chandel… Wait What?

white trash repairs - Outdoor/Indoor Chandel... Wait What?

FAIL Nation: I Guess It’s a Fad These Days

epic fail  - Probably Bad News: I Guess It's a Fad These Days

Poorly Dressed: And The Glass Slippers are Just Part of My Footie Pajamas

fashion fail - And the glass slippers are just part of my footie pajamas

FAIL Nation: Creepy ESPN Reporter Is Creepy


After 12: All Unconscious Drunks Will Be Thrown Overboard


i saw the light

funny pictures - i saw the light  and sat on it


funny pictures - HURRY!!! WE ONLY HAVE A FEW SECONDS LEFT!!!1!!!111!

tern lite off

funny pictures - tern lite off  i show u majik

GIF: Narrate This, Morgan Freeman!

Funny Pictures - Penguin Gifs