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Cheese baked…

Play-Doh Made Some Folks Very Unhappy This Christmas

whoops,dude parts,accidental sexy

Life Ruined

whoops,ice cream,fail nation,g rated

A Fancy Cocktail for Nights Alone Playing Video Games

mountain dew,doritos,video games,funny,cocktail,after 12,g rated

This Man is Named (No Joke) Bud Weisser, and He Was Arrested for Attempting to Rob a Convenience Store

Criminally Dumb Criminal,news,Probably bad News,irony,name

Vacation is All in the Mind

photography,clever,vacation,g rated,win

Ladies, I’d Stay Away From This Vehicle, it Does Not Look Legit

wtf,bad idea,van,funny,seems legit,dating

Get Creative With Your Warnings

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Oh, That’s Easy…Wait…Hmm

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GoPro, Go Naturale

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