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I Have Just Met You and I Love You

Dug,dogs,overly attached

I love the New York Team!

Justin Bieber Attempts to do a Skate Trick in Leather Pants, Fails Miserably

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Watch Out, This Kid CLEARLY Doesn’t Respect Authority

cops,rebel,watch out,we got a badass over here,failbook

Video Games Are Getting so Good These Days the Newspapers Just Post Screenshots of Athletes

On-Air Blooper,sports,fail nation,totally looks like,basketball

Candy and Race Relations

candy,deep thoughts,Awkward,burn,failbook

The Metric System…Is it Safe?

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I Am Fire, I Am Death, I Am Gingerbread

Lord of the Rings,design,nerdgasm,smaug,gingerbread,g rated,win

Your Car Might Take a Little Longer Than Expected…

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The Aftermath

kids,lego,foot,parenting,g rated