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The Yelp Page of the Indiana’s Controversial Pizzeria Got Ugly Real Fast


WTF of the Day: Kids Climb Into Car Trunk at CiCi’s Pizza

That looks safe.

A family in Florida was caught on camera putting their kids in a car trunk last week at a parking lot outside CiCi’s Pizza.

One of the customers in the restaurant captured the whole thing on video, in which you can see them children climb in like a can of sardines and lay down next to each other on their backs.

“We’re about to get shot,” says the woman filming, as she laughs at the scene.

According to witnesses, a few of the adults in the group went back into the pizza restaurant to threaten the woman.

The customers said they were too scared so no one called the police, and the Department of Children and Families has since launched an investigation.

The group also told CBS that it’s better to call authorities about an incident like this rather than shooting video and posting it to YouTube.

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Somebody Pass the Pepper, Please


Skip the Games, This "Price is Right" Assistant Accidentally Gave Away the Car for Free

This is why you should just stick with Plinko. It’s a crowd pleaser, and you remove the human element. But hey, nice work on the free car!

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Have the College Experience: Virtually

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Brace for Impact!


That Definitely Settles the Matter of Intelligence




The Beer Dress

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Making Enemies Around the Office With One Quick Trick