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Here Kitty Kitty Kitty…


Here’s Everything You Missed from that Justin Bieber Roast

Martha Stewart,comedy central,Ron Burgundy,Shaq,kevin hart,snoop dogg,justin bieber

Packing Your Back Like a Champ

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(via Tom Ayzenberg)

pro tip
, packing
, Video
, g rated
, win

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Praise the Bong! It’s the First Church of Cannabis

All hail the church of weed

That’s Going to Be a Big Game of Beer Pong

that's a lot of red solo cups

Hypocrisy: It’s All in the Headline


There Ought to be a Rule for Inflicting Your Child With This Name


Hey, You Think This Thing is Loaded?

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bad idea
, guns
, safety
, whoops
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April Fools’ Comes a Day Early with Warby Barker

monocle,dogs,Warby parker,glasses,april fools,warby barker

Cats Can Be Bros Too

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, high five
, Cats
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