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One Lemonade, Two Straws and No Photos Please

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This Lion Thinks All Your Jokes Are Hilarious!

Go ahead, tell it your worst joke.

Too bad we can’t tell if it’s laughing at you or with you.

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There’s A New Trend in Taiwan For Giving Dogs Perfectly Square Haircuts


Just Don’t Try to Take the Sun Spot


This Dog Is Really Enjoying The Simple Things In Life

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This Polar Bear Cub with Melt Your Heart

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Don’t Forget About Caturday on Bunday

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Your New Cat Will Enter Sleep Mode After 3 Seconds of Inactivity


Koharu the Shiba Inu Tricked Into Sitting in Tiny Boxes

Koharu is very confused.

A man in Japan recently decided to play a cruel prank on his Shiba Inu. He would swap out the box that she likes to sit in while riding in the car with a progressively smaller box each day to see if she would notice the difference.

She didn’t. Or else she was just playing along with her silly human.

The poor dog tried to cram herself into the space no matter how big it was, even when the box would fit only one paw.

She eventually got her usual box back.

It Ruffles Your Feathers!

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