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Same Difference, Right?


Children and Flying, Still the Worst


The baby did it.

Frustration of the Day: Woman Tries Parking Her Car, Fails Miserably

Warning: This video might cause you to punch your computer screen.

Someone recently captured an epic parking fail on video with their dashcam, and it’s pretty hard to watch.

The video goes on for about 3 minutes while a woman in a small blue car goes absolutely nowhere fast.

And if that isn’t enough the drive you insane, the music does a pretty good job of that as well.

“Would have offered to park it for her, but I was too busy laughing,” writes the uploader in the comments.

While it’s certainly frustrating to watch, it’s nowhere near as bad as the guy who crashed into every car around him at a Piggly Wiggly earlier this year.

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Boston Marathon Runner and Dad Takes Issue With Zero-Tolerance Attendance Policy

school vacation news Boston Marathon Runner and Dad Takes Issue With Zero-Tolerance Attendance Policy

Meet the 73-Year-Old Hero Who Punched a Gosh Dang Bear to Save His Chihuahua

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Unknown Pleasures, Unknown Shirts


Maybe You Should Just Drive into the Ocean Instead…


I Don’t Like the Cut of Your Meat, Lady


Liquid Metal Poured into Watermelons: As Cool as it is Weird

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