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People Jaden Smith Would Love

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Bored at Work? Why Not Attach Nerf Darts to Your Eyeballs?

Sure beats an awkward watercooler conversation!

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(via Charles Tietjen)

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Stephen J Hater is Ready For All The Gay Divorces

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(via JMColl- Thugglette)

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The Placement Here Could be Better

pringles display bacon during ramadan

Best. Kramer. Impression. Ever.

But seriously, is he going to have to pay to fix that? Now that Hulu has ever single episode of Seinfeld streaming on its plus service, everyone has ample time to practice that patented Cosmo Kramer slide. 

This dude has no excuse. How many episodes have you watched so far? Did you start from the beginning or are you working your way backward like some kind of weirdo?

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(via Tim McGeever)

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Do They Also Know I’m a Ravenclaw?

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If You’re a Lonely Long-Legged Giraffe, This Goes Out To You

Just a little something for all the lonely long-legged lovelies out there to help you start your week.

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(via Sebastian Mayer)

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RT If Your Parent’s Won’t Understand That You Had To Fail That Last Class

RT If Your Parent's Won't Understand That You Had To Fail That Last Class

If Only It Worked That Way

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Thanks, Taco Bell

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