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The Photoshop Battle Based on This Smug Little Goat Will Satisfy the Snootiest of Critics


Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Made a ‘Africa’ Music Video While on Safari

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What a Good Boy… Oh Wait

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The Best Part of the Kanye/Khalifa Twitter Beef, Wasn’t Even Their Actual Beef

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Finally, Someone Has Made ‘The Official Donald Trump is a Chump’ Jam We’ve Needed

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Shameless Social Media Drama is a Wild Ride

funny fail image shameless facebook family drama long

A Drunken Patron Stole and Returned an Irish Pub’s Plaster Dog Decoration

funny facebook image drunk patron stole and returns Belfast pub's plaster dog decoration

You’re Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

facebook ruined bob meme

Twitter Found a Tongue-in-Cheek Way to Make More Movies "Oscar Worthy" With #MakeAMovieWhiter

The Moment You Realize Your Fashion Sense is "Hotel Lobby"

funny fail image hotel lobby fashion faux pas