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Pickle the Pig Loves Belly Scratches

If scratching your pig with a fork is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

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Officers Respond to Reports of a Suspicious Vehicle Only to Find a Bunch of Happy Dogs

officers get doggy surprise on suspicious call

Cat-atonic Kitten Seems More Like an Otter During Bath Time

Can’t play video

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The NOAA Captured Footage of a Stunning Jellyfish

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Go way.


50 Cent Shamed a Guy With a Disability for Being "High on Something" and Was Totally Wrong

Rapper 50 Cent followed this poor guy around at his work and hassled him because he was “high off something”.   The victim of this public shaming was identified on Instagram by a former schoolmate as Andrew Farrell. According to that Instagram user, @rustystone9, Farrell was not high, he has a disability:

The Most Millennial Love Story Obviously Happened Thanks to a Snapchat Geofilter

University of Wisconsin’s Vikings Fan and Mystery Girl was a waaaay better love story than Twilight. 

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Here’s Some of the Best Twitter Reactions to That Big Jon Snow Reveal

Jon Snow,twitter,Game of Thrones,Memes,funny

And She Wonders Why Her Car Insurance Premiums Increased Suddenly

moms cars trolling Then She Wonders Why Her Car Insurance Premiums Were Raised Suddenly

After Introducing Ted Cruz, Running Mate Carly Fiorina Disappears With a Faceplant


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