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Eat the memories–drink to forget.


We collect all Hello I’m Kitty.


#HeterosexualPrideDay Is Being Celebrated Today and the Internet Is Not on Board

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Finally, Fast Talking Auctioneers Get the Sick Beats They Deserve


Troll Dad Makes a Dad Version of All of His Daughters Selfies


Listen to This Girl Solving a Theoretical Pizza Problem With Her Stomach and Not Her Brain

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(via Brad Holmes)

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12-Year-Old Sends Bullies an Invitation to Stop Picking On Her Little Sister


Hugh Jackman Asked His Fans to Caption a Picture of Him Training for Old Man Logan Role, and the Responses Are Amazing

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Unlike Jon Snow, Siri Knows Everything About His Parents

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Spray Paint Cans Exploding in Slow Motion Look Just as Cool as It Sounds

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