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These Hilarious Panorama FAILs of Cats Are So Weird


I Can Has Cat Food?

Rhea, the cat got her head stuck in an empty cat food bag!

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(via AnimeboyIanpower)

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Sharing Is Caring

sharing is caring

Tiger and Lion Cubs Get Snuggled Until They Fall Asleep

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Watch This Dude Lose Ring during His Failed Marriage Proposal Attempt, in Front of Millions of People

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This Video of Japanese Men Trying to Pronounce ‘Massachusetts’ Is All the Proof We Need That Japan Game Shows Are the Best

So, this absurd clip and the fact that it’s all part of some weird game show based out of Japan immediately brought to mind a clip of another wonderfully horrible mispronunciation—we’ll call him the Worcestershire Sauce Man:

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(via Pak Nam-chol)

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Wild Drones Are Now an Occupational Hazard for Rappers

For the record, reports say he was fine even though he got hit on the head by a drone. The show even continued normally. 

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(via WATCH LIFE 1)

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Brimley the Cat Is an Instagram Star These Days, but His Life Wasn’t Always Purrfect


Dog Is Less Than Thrilled About the New Addition to His Family

dog is less than thrilled about the new addition to his family

Adorable Baby Kangaroo Follows Her Human Wherever He Goes

Um, where can we get a pet joey? And who names a girl Damien!?

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(via Jackson O’Doherty)

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