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If Your Cat Is Making This Face, You’re About to Have a Bad Time

if your cat is making this face youre about to have a bad time

Michael Bay Put "Britain’s Loneliest Dog" in the New Transformers Movie to Help Her Get Adopted

And it worked! 

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(via Paramount Pictures International)

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It’s a Dog Eat Dog World Out There

its a dog eat dog world out there

Playful Otter Loves Getting Sprayed With a Water Hose

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Whatever You Say, Kitteh

what you say kitteh

Snail Slides Across the Nose of a Very Patient Dog

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(via ViralHog)

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We have a very narrow target demographic…


Did I mention something for every?


This Maniac Spent £20,000 on Surgery to Look Like David Beckham, and We’re Extremely Confused


Martin Shkreli Is Staging an Auction to Let One Very Lucky Person Punch Him in the Face, and the Internet’s Already Fired Up

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