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From Complaining to Flirting These Customer Service Tweets Were Almost a Modern Romance

Internet Strings Together an Alarmingly Plausible Theory about Donald Trump Having 7 Horcruxes

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Your Artsy Wedding Photos Probably Shouldn’t Be of the Bride Wrecking Herself

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When She’s Got You Puzzled

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These Days Modern Witches Don’t Have to Do Much to Lure Kids In


Is It Possible to Change a Lightbulb with a Drone? Sure, But Only if You’re Willing to Lose a Few Lightbulbs

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Beatrice Ticketyboo Should Win Every Costume Contest This Halloween

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New Yorkers Do Not Take Kindly to People That Complain About Bodega Cats on Yelp

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Human Repeatedly Tries to "Scare" His Dog With a Fake Skeleton

Because pranking your dog is hilarious.

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The Only Thing That Could Improve This Dog With a Sad Cardboard Cutout Face Is a Photoshop Battle

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