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This Dad Turned His Kid’s Drawings into Horrifying Photos


President Obama Read Mean Tweets About Himself and Still Managed to Get a Punch in Donald Trump

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(via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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, barack obama
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, mean tweets
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Super Creepy Delivery Driver Sends Explicit Text Messages to Customer, and Blames It on Her Cleavage in Profile Picture

customer service,wtf,yodel,creepy,delivery driver,texting

Just When You Thought You Were Going to Be Cool…

A video posted by @trentcatlett on Oct 9, 2016 at 3:27pm PDT

Boom, that bottle flip comes back back to haunt you.

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(via @trentcatlett)

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Girls Discuss Those Things That Guys Might Consider Nice, When It’s Actually Just Really Creepy


Oh the Irony of a Van Filled With Cannabis Candies Up in Flames on a Highway

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(via Vishal Suvagiya)

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You Know Your Yo-Yo Tricks are Fire When You’ve Got a Crowd This Lit Watching Them

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(via craven_14)

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Everyone Should Have a Rejection Response Like This Ready For Your Next Unsolicited Dick Pick

funny dating twitter girl has the best dick pic rejection response of all time

It’s an Avocato!

its an avocato

This Couple’s Sweet Love Story Is Really All About Their Dogs

dogs,love story,engaged,sweet,couple