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George R.R. Martin Pens Thoughtful Sentiment on How He’s Completely Done With This ‘Wretched Year’


Reason of the Day: This Video Explains Why Your New Year’s Eve Is Never As Fun As You Hope

After a month of the worst group text experience of your life, New Year’s Eve is here, and you and your friends have finally decided on what you’re doing – unless Jake gets back to you because Jake throws the best parties. But New Year’s Eve never really lives up to the hype, does it? And why is that? We try so hard to make it a special night. We even might get invited to Jake’s party. He’s going to have a two-story beer bong this year. Two. Stories. It’ll be so sick. ASAP Science actually has a pretty reasonable list of reasons why New Year’s kind of stinks. Expectations — We all think that New Year’s is going to be a climactic end to our year, but it usually just ends with you passed out on your floor clutching a copy of the West Side Story soundtrack and screaming, “Why, Maria? Why?”   via Reddit Trying too hard — To live up to the expectations of the night, we all try and make sure that the night is as perfect as possible, which is why you have got to be at Jake’s party this year. But the fact is, trying too hard to have a good time leads to a bad time. Optimism Bias — Apparently, our brain is hardwired to expect positive outcomes over negative ones. How do I get some of that optimism bias? Reflection — Thinking about the past year can be… sad.  via Warner Bros. Alcohol — Reflection plus alcohol can be sadder.  via Skins Glee Forever Cost — Between dinner and the Über, NYE can cost a ton of money. Once you factor in all the money you spend trying to bribe your way into Jake’s party, you’re pretty broke come Jan. 1. The Kiss — If you don’t have someone to kiss, you’re sad. If you do, everyone hates you. via GIPHY Happy New Year! Make strong decisions! Submitted by: (via AsapSCIENCE) Tagged: new years , science Share on Facebook

Watching This Toddler Shred the Slope Like a True Champ Just Made Me Question My Ability to Do Anything in Life

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Parent of the Day: Grinchy Dad Steals Christmas and Throws Gifts in the Fire

Getting coal as a gift is one thing, but using gifts as coal is quite another. One dad pulled a page out of the Jimmy Kimmel Guide to Parenting and gave his kids a traumatic experience for Christmas. Who says Christmas is over? via Reddit When his kids wouldn’t go to bed or something, YouTuber Scotty B asked his daughter to get a gift from under the tree. He then took the gift and tossed into the fire. That’s when all Hell (or just some well-deserved whining) broke loose. His daughter called mom, and what happens next will blow your mind. Dad reveals that it was just a Christmas joke, and the girl threatens, “I’m still telling my friends on you.” Seem harmless enough until you realize her friends include Santa Claus. Game. Set. Match.  via Imgur H/T Mashable Submitted by: (via Scotty B) Tagged: christmas , pranks , funny Share on Facebook

Check out the Most Common New Year’s Resolutions as Told by Cats

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The Only Marks You Should Ever Leave on a Dog


The Ultimate Compilation of Funny Animal Clips From 2016

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Cat Peeking Around a Tree Gets a Photoshop Battle That’ll Hopefully Make Him Come out of Hiding

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Chihuahua Isn’t Very Happy About the Family’s New Addition

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A Bacon Cheeseburger Frolicking in Its Natural Habitat

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