Artist of the Day: Meet Pigcasso, the Pig Who Will Make You Believe a Pig Can Paint

I don’t know art, but I know what I like, and I like this painting pig. Freed from a life of factory farming, Pigcasso is using her paint brush to express an abstract message of animal liberation. Pigcasso resides on Farm Sanctuary SA, a South African branch of the animal rescue, where she enjoys the finer things: Eating, sleeping, and painting. via Quiet Peggy Easily better than anything my hands have ever put to canvas, Pigcasso’s works are colorful, bizarre, and a real joy to watch being made. This is almost as fun as that skateboarding dog, Spuds Mackenzie. Almost. via YouTube   Submitted by: (via Farm SanctuarySA) Tagged: art , pig , painting , picasso Share on Facebook

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