Parent of the Day: Grinchy Dad Steals Christmas and Throws Gifts in the Fire

Getting coal as a gift is one thing, but using gifts as coal is quite another. One dad pulled a page out of the Jimmy Kimmel Guide to Parenting and gave his kids a traumatic experience for Christmas. Who says Christmas is over? via Reddit When his kids wouldn’t go to bed or something, YouTuber Scotty B asked his daughter to get a gift from under the tree. He then took the gift and tossed into the fire. That’s when all Hell (or just some well-deserved whining) broke loose. His daughter called mom, and what happens next will blow your mind. Dad reveals that it was just a Christmas joke, and the girl threatens, “I’m still telling my friends on you.” Seem harmless enough until you realize her friends include Santa Claus. Game. Set. Match.  via Imgur H/T Mashable Submitted by: (via Scotty B) Tagged: christmas , pranks , funny Share on Facebook

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