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I Can’t Go out Tonight, I Already Have Plans

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Watch a Fluffy Cat Try to Figure out Why Cold Stuff Is Falling From the Sky

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Christmas Kitty Kisses

christmas kitty kisses

Simon’s Cat Perfectly Illustrates What It’s Like to Try and Make Your Bed Around a Pet

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Scratch Your Itch With This UnBearably Hilarious Photoshop Battle

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These 30 Absolute Disastrous Masturbation Stories Show Just How Shameless Being a Horny Teenagers Really Is


Girl Sends Hilarious Email to Teacher While Drugged up after Surgery, and Twitter Can’t Get Enough of It

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If Celebrities Were In High School

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8 Ridiculous Ways GTA V Players Have Tried to Stop a Train

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People Try to Spell Benedict Cumberbatch’s Name With Their Eyes Closed and Absolutely Fail

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