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Another Friendly Deer Stopped a Hunter to Say Hello, This Time Wearing a Sassy Scarf

Remember this deer from a couple months ago? Apparently, they’ve decided to try the “kill them with kindness” approach to get hunters to stop shooting them!

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An Animal Foundation in Georgia Is Offering Yoga Classes With Cats That Will Make You Say Nameowste


The Bork Version Of "All I Want for Christmas Is You" Is Way Better Than the Original, Obviously

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Sad Cat in a Sweater Gets a Photoshop Battle to (Hopefully) Cheer Him Up

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Koala Doggo


Is there a person who wants to listen?


A Risque New Selfie Trend Has People Censoring Themselves With Just One Finger


This Guy Proves You Can Use Hilarious Pick Up Lines Smoothly on Tinder

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The Awkward Photo of Donald Trump and Mitt Romney Having Dinner Is So Perfect for Making Memes It Almost Feels Like a Set Up

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The Cat Reviewer Encourages People to "Review" Every Cat They’re Lucky Enough to Encounter