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Artist of the Day: Meet Pigcasso, the Pig Who Will Make You Believe a Pig Can Paint

I don’t know art, but I know what I like, and I like this painting pig. Freed from a life of factory farming, Pigcasso is using her paint brush to express an abstract message of animal liberation. Pigcasso resides on Farm Sanctuary SA, a South African branch of the animal rescue, where she enjoys the finer things: Eating, sleeping, and painting. via Quiet Peggy Easily better than anything my hands have ever put to canvas, Pigcasso’s works are colorful, bizarre, and a real joy to watch being made. This is almost as fun as that skateboarding dog, Spuds Mackenzie. Almost. via YouTube   Submitted by: (via Farm SanctuarySA) Tagged: art , pig , painting , picasso Share on Facebook

This Cat Has a Very Important Cabinet Position

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Watching Dogs Play at Full Speed Is One of the Best Things Ever

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This explains the nose plugs…


People Are Going All In On the Sass For Kanye West’s New Extremely Cringeworthy Do

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No One Had a Better Christmas Than This Dude Who Got a Massive Bag of Weed and Lost His Mind in the Process

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Watching Richard Hammond Defend His Claim That Straight Men Don’t Eat Ice Cream Just Made Me Throw Up in My Mouth a Little

🤗 hello & here's the full richard hammond 'ice creams are gay' piece and yeah, it's awful— Ollie Cole (@ProducerOllie) December 26, 2016 Richard Hammond’s under fire right now for saying that he doesn’t eat ice cream….because he’s straight. Dude what in the actual hell are you on about with this? Submitted by: (via @ProducerOllie) Tagged: news , FAIL , ice cream , gay , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

Dude Gets Trolled by Thirsty Bot and Handles Situation in the Best Way Possible


Chick Has Hilarious Meltdown Post-Wisdom Teeth Surgery, and Cries Her Eyes Out for the Funniest Reason Ever

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Watch Two Idiots Making Fun of Conor McGregor on the Streets of Dublin Live Out Their Worst Nightmare

Two lads mocking Conor McGregor on the streets of Dublin last night and this happens……..— scampi claus (@lmScampi) December 24, 2016 Submitted by: (via @ImScampi) Tagged: COnor McGregor , FAIL , ufc , fight , boxing , Video Share on Facebook