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Aussie Grandfather Posts an ad for a ‘Fishing Mate’ and the World’s Reaction is Heartwarming.

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Feeling a Contact High Coming on Watching These Parents and Kids Smoke Weed With Each Other for the First Time

This is one of the more enjoyable videos I’ve stumbled across as we travel onwards through the early days of 2017. What we have here is a bunch of young adults getting high off that moment dreams become reality. Literally. See what I did there? Honestly though, this is amazing in every sense of the word. Shoutout goes to our marijuana-blitzed MVP of the hour: the dad who became best friends with the bucket after solidly underestimating the power of a milky bong rip. Submitted by: (via WatchCut Video) Tagged: marijuana , parenting , smoking , Video , win Share on Facebook

Netflix Original Series Don’t Even Give Us a Fighting Chance Anymore


American Hero Makes a Golf Game Worth Watching By Jumping in an 18th Hole Pond

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Marshawn Lynch Parading Around, Experiencing Scotland Is the Exact Comedic Break We All Need

In these dark and unpredictable times Marshawn Lynch is the treasure at the end of the damn Skittles rainbow, dude. Watching the unintentionally hilarious retired Seattle Seahawk who was once famous for his one word press responses now engage in entertaining dialogue with various folk around Scotland is well, it’s everything. Keep an eye out for one of the highlights when Lynch straight up overloads a lady with 50 bags of Skittles.  Submitted by: (via SKITTLES USA) Tagged: sports , nfl , funny , win Share on Facebook

Nicolas Cage Reading Poetry, Blessing Marriage Proposal, and Watching His Movies With Crowd of Fans Has the Internet SHOOK

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This Video Delivers a Life Hack for the Ages: Wash a Goddamn Dish, You Trash Person

Hi, thanks for visiting Fail Blog. We consider ourselves guardians of the public good and are hoping to make the world a better, safer, and more inclusive world. But as they say, change starts at home, which is why we are sharing this video on “How to Wash a Goddamn Dish” because we all live with trash and it’s our job to help them. Sick of your roommate’s garbage lifestyle impeding on your day-to-day, send them this video, which breaks down the ins and outs of washing a dish, so that even your dumb-as-shit roommate can understand it. It’s that easy. Go ahead. Watch and share with your idiot roomie, who will probably have to take a break from loudly breathing out of their mouth to hear this thing. It’ll be worth it if they do. Just let them know that they won’t suffocate if they close their mouth for a moment. via Reaction Gifs Submitted by: (via College Humor) Tagged: college humor , How To , roommates Share on Facebook

12 of the Most Inspired Reasons People Gave for Deleting Their Uber Accounts


Guy’s Harrowing Tale of FAIL About Breaking His Nose While Going Down on Girlfriend is Cringe Thrusters on Full