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Dude Casually Becomes Legend, Goes for a Walk 2,500ft in the Air Straight Across a Slackline on Yosemite’s Upper Falls

Sure, some other crazy fellas out there have attempted and successfully accomplished this feat of fear-defying slacklining; but it doesn’t happen frequently. More like, every few years. And in this case, during the video there’s even a moment when our legend of the hour loses his grip, kind of stumbles, and shitness if that’s enough for the instant ball shrivelin up in fear moment.  Submitted by: (via daily news) Tagged: crazy , slackline , Video Share on Facebook

Office Dogs Might Be Terrible for Productivity, but They Make Going to Work So Worth It

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Kuzya the Cat Loves to Play Dress Up

We’re Not Sure What We Did, but These Animals Seem Very Disappointed


Watch a Kitty Hairstylist Expertly Design This Dog’s Hair

Can you imagine if human hairstylists used their tongues, too!? OMG! Submitted by: (via Waggle TV) Tagged: hair , fur , dogs , lick , hairstyle , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

Cat Gets Stuck Inside of a Car, but Luckily These Mechanics Step up to Save Her

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This Woman Uses Old Plastic Bottles to Make New Furniture


Sweet Pup Tries to Cuddle With Cat Who Is Having None of It

But the cat doesn’t seem bothered enough to move at least… Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral) Tagged: dogs , snuggle , cuddling , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

What Do You Mean It’s Monday?


This Marine Scientist Wants to Save the Ocean’s Corals

And so far, he’s really making progress! Submitted by: (via AARP) Tagged: nature , coral , science , Video Share on Facebook