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‘Cats at Work’ Is a Beautiful Collection of Photographs Capturing Felines That Live in Working Spaces

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Gluten Free option key


Guy Pulls Amazingly Generous Act of Kindness for Total Stranger Using Redbox Rental

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Nobody Celebrates Like These Bros in Australia

And the way he sticks the landing? 10/10. Submitted by: (via Breaking News) Tagged: drinking , australia Share on Facebook

6 Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions

Ever thought how great it would be to invent something cool, sell it and get rich? Well, you may want to reconsider after watching this. Submitted by: Newtwo (via New Two) Tagged: inventor , FAIL , dark humor , Video Share on Facebook

Weather Girl Loses It over Actor Adam Driver

Weather girl totally loses it on-air when confronted about her Adam Driver crush. Submitted by: (via FunnyAvenue) Tagged: news , weather , Video Share on Facebook

Welcome to Tiny Train World: The Guardian Mistakenly Publishes a Hilarious Fake ‘1984’ Quote

Jason Momoa Hurling Axes Is Every Bit as Amazing as It Sounds, and Then Some

At this point in the game, I can’t even tell if Jason Momoa is even acting for his parts anymore, or if Khal Drogo and his recent stint in Netflix Original Show ‘Frontier’ were mere shows with stories/on-screen characters created for the sole purpose of showboating his unfairly extensive repertoire of ‘manly’ skills. Not to be sexist on that last part, but dude, come on. Submitted by: (via Jimmy Kimmel Live) Tagged: jimmy kimmel , Jason Momoa , Video , win Share on Facebook