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39 Feel Good Tweets to Start Off a Kickass Saturday

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But Seriously, It’s Black and Blue

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Watch This Man Slowly and Hialriously Slide Down a Giant Icy Hill

This video delivers.There’s something very funny about some just slowly sliding down a hill. Like their moving slow enough that they should be able to take control of the situation, but they just can’t. It’s great.  Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: slide , ice Share on Facebook

Ikea’s Sektion Collection Is Smart Looking

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Park Your Keister, Meister Because We Got 17 Parking Fails For You

This Dude Caught People Stealing His Packages, So He Pranked the Shit Out of Them, Literally

There’s a reason that UPS offers a signature requirement. This Salt Lake City man thought someone was stealing his packages, so he set up a camera and discovered it was actually a whole mess of people. So he started leaving some packages of his own to catch these guys and give them “a pretty upset stomach.” Submitted by: (via USNews24) Tagged: diarrhea , gummy , pranks Share on Facebook

Connor, the Boy Who Started the Fire, is Drew Carrey’s Son and Nothing Will Ever Surprise Me Again

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Entrepreneurial Fisherman Finds 20 Kilos of Cocaine and Decides to Go Into the Drug Dealing Biz, Gets Caught

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15 "You Had One Job" Fails That Can Wait Because It’s Saturday

Premature Baby Hippo Gets Her First Bath in a Kiddie Pool

Submitted by: (via The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden) Tagged: baby , zoo , bath , pool , Video , hippo Share on Facebook