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Guy’s Dad Sends Him Hilarious Dad Jokes Every Saturday, and I Want This Guy to Be My Dad Now

This Dude Makes 135 Yard Putt and, Yeah, That’s Pretty Impressive

Golf is one of those things that takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. So you can imagine how annoying it is to watch this dude nail a 135 yard, world-record breaking putt. If it takes a lifetime to master, shouldn’t this guy be 100 or something. Either way, Australian YouTubers How Ridiculous nailed a 395-foot putt, which actually beat the previous Guinness World Record by about 10 feet. Pretty incredible.  Submitted by: (via How Ridiculous) Tagged: golf Share on Facebook

Pregnant Side Chick Texts Wrong Number, Proceeds to Get Trolled to Oblivion


Watch Team USA Sailor Have a Close Brush With Death When He Almost Gets Chopped In Half From Falling Overboard

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This Guy Has the Proper Response to Playing GTA V: Screaming and Cursing Incoherently

While playing GTA V can seem like an excuse to watch a windmill destroy a bunch of cars or stopping trains as Superman, it’s important to remember the first time you played. You probably laughed manically and shot people in the face. What a good time. That’s where this dude’s at. He’s having a moment, so let’s enjoy it with him. Submitted by: (via tugb0at01) Tagged: GTA V , grand theft auto v , Grand Theft Auto Share on Facebook

25 Things That Only Guys Will Understand

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A Beluga Whale Interrupted This Aquarium Wedding With the Best Photobomb Ever

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Ewe’ve Goat to See What Life Is Like on This Beautiful Farm in Iceland

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The Purrfect Beanie Baby

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This Sushi Is Unbelievably Tiny but It Still Looks Good Enough to Eat