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This Bouquet of Chicken Nuggets Is the Only Edible Arrangement I Want From Now On

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38 Ridiculous Headlines That Didn’t Fail to Get a Laugh Out of Us

In Spectacular Display of Public FAIL, CNN Learns the Hard Way That Faith Evans Isn’t Faith Hill

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Russian President Vladimir Putin Has a Super Bowl Ring and I Don’t and That Sucks

The RAs of Reddit Are Delivering 22 of the Best Dorm Stories and They Are Crazy as Hell


People That Failed to Sell Their Pack of Lies and Got Called Out in Righteous Fashion in the Process

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Video of Dude Smoking Crack and Lighting Himself On Fire is the Anti-Drug PSA We Never Know We Needed

ONLY IN NYC! We do not know who recorded this or any details. Warning: Kinda disturbing— NYCFireWire (@NYCFireWire) January 30, 2017 Submitted by: (via @NYCFireWire) Tagged: drugs , FAIL , Video Share on Facebook

Ruthless Librarian Live-Tweets an Epic Saga of Revenge She Dropped On Pack of Trolls That Framed Another Student

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The Smallest Fox in the World Just Made Its Adorable Debut at the Taronga Zoo

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These Precious Knitted Creations Are Unbelievably Tiny