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Fan Asks Kate Upton During Live Interview Whether Justin Verlander Prefers Sex Before or After Game, And She Actually Answers

Yeah, she actually answers, and real talk: it’s a buzzkill for us all. Turns out Verlander’s too focused before the game, and too exhausted after the game. Bro, have you not read the historical war tales of pre-battle glory that involved many a shield and sword-brandishing soldier sticking their ‘other swords’ into whatever woman would have them, as a ritualistic mind-clearing pick-me-up? And you’re with Kate Upton! Madness.  Submitted by: (via Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen) Tagged: baseball , kate upton , MLB , Video , justin verlander Share on Facebook

Guy Handles Unsolicited Dick Pick In Top-Notch Trollworthy Fashion

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14 People Reveal the Most Ridiculous Adult Temper Tantrums They’ve Ever Endured


Say No More… 29 of the Worst Haircuts We’ve Ever Meme’d

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Twitter’s Got Some Goddamn Food Tips That’ll Blow Your Goddamn Mind


Guy Delivers Sweet Justice When a Rude Woman Lets Her Dog Relieve Itself in the Middle of an Airport

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38 Memes to Take You Down a Deep Dark Depraved Hole of Dank

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Curb Your Enthusiasm With These 59 Times Expectation Met Reality

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25 Guys With Beards Posing Next to Their Cats for Your Viewing Pleasure


The Chesapeake Humane Society Is Killing It With Their Creative Signage and Glamour Shots

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