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Watch This Little Girl Steal The Popes Hat and Twitter’s Heart At The Same Time

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Two Dads Absolutely Destroy #DadLife Rap Over Ridiculous Trap Beat

“Keeping food on the table… That’s the reason I can’t quit. Keeping Wifi and cable. Otherwise no one would babysit.”So, uhh, like when does the album drop dudes? Whoever has these legends as dads should consider themselves infinitely blessed.  Submitted by: (via Dad Lifer) Tagged: dads , rap , parenting , Video , win Share on Facebook

People Are Predictably Sickened By Insensitive, Ignorant Selfie-Taking Idiot at UK Parliament Attack


People Reveal Which Double Standards Drive Them the Most Insane

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21 People Share Brutally Sarcastic Tips For Dating Their Exes


Cringe-Inducing Facebook Posts That’ll Make You Seriously Question the Well Being of Humanity

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Trump’s Son-In-Law Is Building Mordor’s Tower of Orthanc at 666 Fifth Ave.

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Modern Day Einstein Makes An Atomic-Level Texting Mistake When Trying to Text Drug Dealer

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Twitter Trolls Are Unleashing Dungeons & Dragons Fury On Republicans With New Trending Hashtag

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Afternoon Awesome: Make It Through Hump Day With These Memes

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