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Dude Takes a Bong Rip of the World’s Hottest Pepper, Experiences Instant Hell

Is this genuine fearlessness or YouTube views-motivated stupidity/insanity? I’ll let you be the judge. Either way, think it’s fair to say he won’t be testing the eye-watering, mouth-melting waters of the Carolina Reaper Pepper served á la bong again anytime soon… Submitted by: (via tedbarrus) Tagged: crazy , spicy , bong , ridiculous , smoking , carolina reaper pepper , Video Share on Facebook

25 Amazing Facts From ‘The Matrix’

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20 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men


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13 Strange Or Cringe-Inducing Things In Peoples’ Browser Histories That Are Going To Be Terribly Difficult To Explain

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Brits Share the Things That Piss Off Their Mums the Most For UK Mother’s Day

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Delta Fires Off Shots at United Airlines After They Wouldn’t Let Girls Wearing Leggings Board Flight


Trump or Brannigan? It’s Almost Impossible to Tell

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