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12 Times People Failed Terribly to Come Across As Sane Individuals In the Courtroom


Ratchet Chick Fight Breaks Out At IHOP, Heroic Cop Diffuses Chaos With Taser and Ruthless Attitude

Some wild and crazed folks were having a notable Sunday Funday while out at a fine IHOP establishment in Fort Meyers, Florida. There you go again with the steady procession of explicit behavior Florida. Pull your shit together. Witness the cop who wasn’t having any of the messaround, right around the 2:20 mark.  Submitted by: (via Rick Martinez) Tagged: cops , brawl , fight , cat fight , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

People In Melbourne, Australia Are Up In Arms Over Ridiculous Gender Equal Pedestrian Lights

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J.K. Rowling Back At It Again, Lashes Out and Insults Donald Trump In the Most British Way Possible

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These Eight Brave Souls Dared to be Roasted


The 13 Best Animal Versions of The "What in Tarnation" Meme

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Friar Moustache Used to Be a Stray, but Now He’s a Member of the St. Francis Monastery


Dog Plays Hide and Seek With His Human, but He Isn’t Very Good

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Farmer Finds Kittens on His Property, but Soon Realizes They Aren’t Average Barn Cats

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Get Ready for a Colorful Few Weeks in the Anza-Borrego Desert