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Take a Minute to Watch These Kittens Playing in Slow Motion, It’ll Add Years to Your Life

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Guy Creates Troll Tinder Account Using Male Model Pics, Doesn’t Fail to Pull Amazing Number of Thirsty Chicks

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Brie Larson Is Taking Heat for Showing ‘Too Much Cleavage’ On British Family Show

marvel,cleavage,brie larson,controversy,ridiculous,Video

Restaurant Owner Puts Whiny Customer Who Failed to Leave Honest Yelp Review In Her Place With Awesome Response


22 Times Aspiring Cooks Failed and Got Roasted to a Sizzling Crisp By Gordon Ramsay on Twitter

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Unfaithful Girlfriend Has Epic Fail, Accidentally Sends Soul-Crushing Text to Boyfriend About Plans to Cheat on Him


Tom Hanks, America’s Undisputed Father, Bought The White House Press Corps a Passive Aggressive Gift, Like Any Good Father Would

tom hanks

This Threatening Cat Meme Is Not Messing Around


We’re So in Love With This Special Pup Named Picasso


10 Snaps That Cats Would Totally Send Each Other If They Could