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26 Mildly Spicy Memes to Round Out the Day

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15 Nurses Reveal the Craziest Sexual History Answers They’ve Come Across


This Web Comic Series is Possibly the Most Disturbing Thing You Will See Today

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13-Year-Old Finds Something Spooky in Her Selfie and Is That a G-G-G-G-Ghost!?!


33 of the Biggest Hypocrites Ever to Grace the Internet With Their Presence


An Overalls-Sporting Bill Murray Shuts Down Pestilent Reporter Perfectly In Awesome Compilation of February’s Best News Bloopers

I’ll be the first to admit, ‘you the real MVP’ has quickly become one of the more painfully overused compliments thrown around.In this fail-themed compilation of live news segments gone spectacularly wrong, Bill Murray is the shining beacon of unforgiving brilliance, the realest MVP, when he rains down sweet savagery on an irritating reporter during their interview.  Submitted by: (via News Be Funny Videos) Tagged: Bloopers , bill murray , news , Video Share on Facebook

20 Hilarious Headline and Editorial FAILs That Make Us Glad We Work on the Internet

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Comedian John Caparulo Fails to Keep Everyone Entertained, Gets Attacked By Angry Trump Supporter

A joke about Donald Trump proceeded to send one Donald Trump supporter over the edge into a blind fit of rage, where she went so far as to angrily chuck her glass at the comedian while he was still on stage.  Submitted by: (via TMZ) Tagged: comedian , donald trump , reaction , ridiculous , Video Share on Facebook

This Chef’s Pancake Art Is Way Too Cool to Actually Eat


Meet Winnie, the Cat Who Ate 46 Hair Ties and Lived to Tell the Tail

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