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This Nitrous-Powered Office Chair Takes Being Bored At Work To The Next Level

I’m not the only one who can do a 720 in an office chair without touching the ground, but these guys just destroyed my record. On the Discover Channel series Street Outlaws, these guys, Farmtruck and AZN, attached two nitrous tanks to a swivel chair, creating a “homemade redneck centrifuge,” which should prepare just about anyone for being bored on the international space station.

Watch AsapSCIENCE’s Explanation For Why Eating Weed Makes You So Much Higher, Dude

As weed keeps getting more and more legal, edibles keep getting more and more common. This is a good thing for many. Legalizing weed has incredibly positive effects for many, whether you need pain relief, stress relief, or you don’t want to go to jail for basically no reason. But in the moment, you know that moment when you realize that maybe eating the whole brownie was a bad idea, and you’ve got dinner with your grandparents in 20 minutes, and, oh, shit, why did I eat the whole thing, it can be a bad thing. But there’s a reason why eating weed can be more intense.AsapSCIENCE explains why this is the case, and as a bonus, they also explain why you get the munchies.  Submitted by: (via AsapSCIENCE) Tagged: asapscience , weed Share on Facebook

21 Blatantly Obvious Sexual Advances That People Failed to Pick Up On

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The Daily FAIL: Here’s Some Spicy Memes For Your Sunday

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30 Amazing DBZ Tattoos That You Won’t Be Able To Stop Looking At

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Watch the World’s Biggest Chainsaw Cut Through This Huge Piece of Redwood

Everyone likes a chainsaw, so why wouldn’t everyone like a huge chainsaw.  via Horror Gif These guys are cutting into an 2,400-year-old Red Wood with a chainsaw that requires two people to handle. Sick.  Submitted by: (via ViralHog) Tagged: chainsaw Share on Facebook

A Nerf Dart Firing At Mach 2 Is Scarier Than a Bullet

i remember playing with Nerf guns as a kid and getting into heated debates whether a bullet hit my opponent or merely skimmed them. Well, that debate wouldn’t happen with this gun. YouTuber Giaco Whatever built a Nerf cannon capable of shooting through a Red Bull can, but also breaking the sound barrier. It fires at 400 psi and can travel more than 1,700 miles an hour. If that skimmed you, you’d know.  via GIPHY The video above shows this baby in action, and it’s frankly pretty terrifying. Like look at this thing:

Do-Nut Try This At Home: Watch a Man Who Clearly Hates Himself Eat 50 Donuts

I’ve heard of death by chocolate but this is ridiculous.Do you hate yourself? You probably don’t hate yourself that much. Youtuber and competitive eater Matt Stonie aka Megatoad ranks #2 in the Major League of Eating. So what does he do when he’s not putting away hot dogs? He’s eating donuts. In this video, he’s attempting the 50 Donut Challenge, munching on over 12,000 calories worth of donuts. This is actually painful to watch. Please, you don’t have to eat this many donuts. You can just enjoy one donut. via GIPHY Submitted by: (via Matt Stonie) Share on Facebook

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