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Meet The Tweeters in This Robert De Niro Edition of Mean Tweets

Hey, hey, who am I?You tweetin’ at me? You tweetin’ at me? I don’t see anyone else here, so you must be tweeting’ at me.I’m Al Pacino. No, wait, shit. Ah, whatever. Are you tired of De Niro going on his weird anti-vaxing thing and shilling conspiracy theories to whatever idiot will listen? So are these tweeters, who are sending one of film’s greatest actors a bunch of mean tweets. Look, you know what this is. Come for the mean tweets, stay for Bobby D telling them to suck his Bobby D.  Submitted by: (via Jimmy Kimmel Live) Tagged: jimmy kimmel , robert de niro , mean tweets Share on Facebook

8 Bartenders Give Away The Smoothest, Fail-Proof Pick Up Lines They’ve Seen During Work

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Miserable Boyfriend Makes Harrowing Trip to IKEA With Girlfriend Infinitely Better With Dead-Pan Humor Photo Diary


12 People on Facebook Who Are Completely Off Their Rockers

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A Mostly Fresh Batch of Memes For Your Tuesday

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Woman Accidentally Shows Off Her Chocolate Starfish On Live TV

Be warned before hitting play, this shit (literally) is a bit not so safe for the rule-constricted workplace environment. In true cringeworthy fashion, the perverted camera guy of the hour gets unfortunately up close and personal; and ends up showing off a vile and painfully unclean predicament — ‘the chocolate starfish.’ Submitted by: (via LiveLeak) Tagged: cringe , Awkward , live tv , Video Share on Facebook

Boston Dynamics Has A New Robot That You Won’t Be Able to Kick Over So Easily

Our days of being amused by those creepy, horse-legged robots being pushed over by a broom are over. Boston Dynamics, the team behind those weird-looking horsebots finally put their monster on wheels, and it’s coming for you at nine miles per hour. It also stands at six-and-a-half feet, can jump four-feet vertically, and lift 100 lbs. In other words, that bot’s unstoppable.  Submitted by: (via Boston Dynamics) Tagged: Boston Dynamics , robots Share on Facebook

Dude Dangerously Drunk Off Liquid Courage Gives New Name to Stupidity, Free-falls Off Roof and Destroys Leg

@yourmomsatonmyface is honestly the most savage account I've ever seen! Follow before the ig cops shut down the party A post shared by Drunk People (@drunkpeopledoingthings) on Feb 21, 2017 at 7:34pm PST This Instagram account is full of enough booze-inspired stupidity to make me kind of never want to drink again, or just drink to forget these stomach-turning spectacles of awe-inspiring mindlessness. Submitted by: (via drunkpeopledoingthings) Tagged: drunk , Video , stupid , fall Share on Facebook

Video Claiming to Be Best Street Fight Video of 2017 Falls Short, But the Commentary is a Knockout

The guy filming this is ‘just trying to be a good camera man’, and I’m over here wondering how far his head was up his own ass to think that the vertical angle was the perfect play. Outside that horrid mistake, his commentary is the highlight of the laughably chaotic backyard brawl. 

Watch This Drunk Girl Clumsily Harpoon Her Ass on Metal Pole During Pre-Game Dance

Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love of All,’ did a number on this poor chick. Surprisingly enough, reports confirm she still managed to make it out after bleeding down her leg. Submitted by: (via caternews) Tagged: dancing , FAIL , drunk , pain Share on Facebook