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15 Guys Who Skipped Formalities and Went Straight Into Creep Mode

you have a very pretty face I'd like to add it to my mask collection - guys send creepy messages to women

21 Moments of Cringe Brought to You By Neckbeards

kid dressed as TF2 scout is being glared at by his disappointed father - cover image for a list of neckbeard photos

Favorite Times the Poet of Pornhub Rocked Comments Section With Literary Gold

Funny guy leaves amazing poetry throughout the comments section of Pornhub.

16 Moments of Facebook Cringe Brought to You By the Dredges of Social Media

guy comments on girls boobs on facebook and her dad goes off on a massive rant - cover photo for a collection of facebook fails

9 Times Tumblr Took Things to a Whole New Level

middle aged couple makes instruments out of vegetables - cover photo for a list of weird tumblr moments

Dad’s Conversations With His Four Daughters is The Best Thing on Twitter

James Breakwell tweets conversations with his 4 daughters

Money CAN buy happiness it’s called an ‘adoption fee’!

A Cheeky Little Kitty

WTF 😂😂😂😂😂— The Nature Sound (@PIN_VID) May 20, 2017 Cat hangs on and joins his brothers on top of the box, but doesn’t realize 3 might be a crowd Submitted by: (via The Natural Sound @PIN_VID) Tagged: Cats , funny , Video Share on Facebook

Top Ten Cat Pictures of The Week

Cute picture of two kittens on a bed, biting each other's ear.

Why You Bake Me?

cat is staring at a cat shaped cookie