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15 Pokemon Names That Urban Dictionary Has Made Disturbingly Sexual

urban dictionary entry of the pokemon name wartortle which is defined as an amount of female ejaculate

Top 10 Times Employees Got Called Out By Internet For Fake Sick Days

Top 10 times idiots got called out on social media for trying to call out sick from work with lame excuses.

Not the face!

girl jumps on shopping cart and falls face first fail gif

20 Cringe Inducing Moments Brought to You By People That Should Be Banned From the Internet

guy comments on girls breasts on instagram and it's incredibly cringeworthy - cover image for a list of cringe photos

Well. That’s a new trick…

Submitted by: (via Justin French) Tagged: FAIL , fail gif Share on Facebook

Few Funny Thoughts About Sharing A Bathroom With A Guy

What's is like to share a bathroom with a guy

A True King

funny meme of a cat asking how his subjects think of him. Answer is they worship him.

Kitten With Heterochromia Will Hypnotize You With Her Magical Eyes

Kitten with rare eyes - one blue and one green

Couple’s Dog Saved Their Wedding Day When Best Man Forgot Their Wedding Rings

Hilarious video filmed during Laura and James Russell’s big day shows the adorable French bulldog George trotting into the ceremony in his specially designed wedding suit. Submitted by: (via swns tv) Tagged: rings , dogs , wedding , Video Share on Facebook

11 Dogs That Look Like Wild Animals

A picture of a dog that looks like a lion and a lion roaring - cover photo for a list of dogs that look like wild animals