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Pianist Gave Home To 9 Stray Cats And They Become His Most Loyal Audience

Pianist from Istanbul saves street cats and they are playing music together

Battle Cats

Meme of cats wearing funny fruit peels on their head as if they are helmets for cat soldiers.

13 Adorable Gifs Of Pandas, Just Being Pandas

An image of a baby panda sitting and trying to hide behind very thin branches - a cover photo for a list of adorable gifs of pandas

Stop Working Like A Sucker And Get Paid To Cuddle Cats All Day Instead

A vet clinic in Dublin is looking for a professional cat cuddler - pic of woman cuddling with cat.

Can I hear more chicken praises?!


Girl’s Dad Finds Her Weed Stash and She Handles It Like a Champ

Girl's dad texts her picture of her weed stash and she blames it on her mom.

20 Unfortunate Circumstances Cause By People Who Probably Shouldn’t Be Driving

guy gets his car stuck in the top of a barn - cover image for a list of people who shouldn't be driving

Dude Gives Girlfriend Lettuce That He Thought Was Flowers and The Internet Loves Him For It

Guy accidentally gives his girlfriend lettuce that he originally thought was flowers.

People Telling Parents How They Lost Their Virginity Is the Very Definition of Cringe

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Dude Trolls Nigerian Scammer Hardcore, Convinces Him to Move Into White House

Guy trolls nigerian scammer and convinces him to move into the White House.