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10 Photos That Are Almost Sexy But Utterly Ruined By Something

Top 7 Worst United Airlines FAILs

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21 Times "Turnt Grandpa" Dominated Twitter With Hilariously Dirty Humor

21 of our favorite times the Turnt Grandpa Twitter account had hilarious dirty humor.

No thanks Buzzfeed….

buzzfeed article that reads "we need to talk about voldemort's penis" and a guy responds that we don't

People Admit Top 10 Embarrassing Texts They Sent to the Wrong Person

Ten times people sent incredibly embarrassing texts to the wrong people.

14 Hungry Cat Thieves

A Picture of a grey cat standing on its back legs begging for food - a cover picture for a meme and funny gifs list on cats who took matters into their own paws and took food.

12 Photos Of Miserable Men That Went Shopping

Photos of men suffering while shopping - Man passed out on the floor with shopping bags.

Who Can Be Hatin??

A meme of a guinea pig in a small trolley with caption about 'they see me rolling, they hating'

Australia Mate

A funny meme of a car burning in Australian heat and kangaroos enjoying a pool

Stray Cat Interrupts News Reporter By Climbing On Her Shoulders

cat waits for the right moment to reveal himself on live TV