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What Pets Do When They Realize they Are At The Vets

A funny meme of a kitten looking confused and worried at the vets office - A group of memes and pictures of when you take your cat or dog to the vets.

Clever Pup Picks Out His Own Treats At The Supermarket

Have a look at this pup heading to the store with his owner, picking out his own treats. We are melting. Submitted by: (via Rumble) Tagged: supermarket , dogs , shopping , Video Share on Facebook

Silly Raccoon, That’s For The Cat

Funny meme of raccoon thinking its's a cat

Meet Waul- The New Cool Spaceship Pet Carrier

Cool spaceship carrier for your cat or small dog.

Would You Buy A Car From This Dog Wearing A Cheap Suit?

meet Mr. Griffin, the dog who sells used cars

Then it doesn’t fit…


Ask for it by name!


Superman gets brutally defeated.

little kid dressed as superman gets hit in the face on accident by his mother fail gif

This is why rope swings are for kids.

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20 of the Classiest Ladies You’ll Ever Lay Eyes On

girl hits a tennis ball with her crotch - cover photo to a list of women fails