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Spoiled Teen Polishing Sports Car With Puppy Causes Outrage On Instagram

A story of an instagram account that posts rich kids getting away with anything - backlash over a video of a guy cleaning his car with a small puppy

A Lost Hamster Becomes A Member Of The Police Force

lost and scared hamster finds a new home in the police station

Monday… It’s Back

A funny memes of a cat sleeping weirdly and saying that even though it's Monday no one said they had to do anything.

A Dozen Of The Best Cat Memes This Week

Very lazy cat drooping off the back of a chair - cover for funniest cat memes of the week.

11 Gifs Of Animals Playing In The Snow That Are Too Funny Not To Watch

A picture of a red panda jumping at another red panda in the snow - a cover photo for a list of funny gifs on animals playing in the snow.

BBC Captured Grizzly Bears Scratching An Itch

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15 Photos Of Wild Animals That Just Might Be As Funny As Cats

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15 Guys Who Skipped Formalities and Went Straight Into Creep Mode

you have a very pretty face I'd like to add it to my mask collection - guys send creepy messages to women

21 Moments of Cringe Brought to You By Neckbeards

kid dressed as TF2 scout is being glared at by his disappointed father - cover image for a list of neckbeard photos

Favorite Times the Poet of Pornhub Rocked Comments Section With Literary Gold

Funny guy leaves amazing poetry throughout the comments section of Pornhub.