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Just Keep Swimming!

Adorable puppy prepares to go swimming, and even decides to start paddling before getting into the water! Submitted by: (via RobbyGr) Tagged: dogs , cute , swimming , Video Share on Facebook

5 Interesting Facts Of Maine Coons That Will Make You Say… I Want One!

a gorgeous picture of a Maine coon cat lying down - cover for interesting facts about Maine coons that will make everyone want to get one.

Watch your step!


10 Ruthless Jokes That Left Vegans In a Hot and Crispy Mess

Ruthless jokes that left vegans in a hot and crispy mess because they were so brutal.

Porn Stars Explain All the Kinky Reasons They Got Into the Industry

Submitted by: (via Wood Rocket) Tagged: adult entertainment , porn , funny , Video Share on Facebook

20 More Driving FAILs Cause By People That Shouldn’t Be Allowed Near Cars

people that shouldn't be allowed near cars

Video of Real Life Transformer That Can Fire Automatic Weapons Will Blow Your Mind

The future is here. Submitted by: (via Ruptly TV) Tagged: technology , robots , Video Share on Facebook

20 Honest Slogans That Offer Hilariously Accurate Descriptions of Iconic Brands

Twenty iconic brands get a makeover with funny and very accurate descriptions about what they're really selling.

20 Shower Thoughts That Will Blow Your Brain Up

shower thought that people who are in horror movies live in an alternate reality without horror movies

15 Beer Ads That Are Supremely Absurd

strange beer advertisements with beer bottles resembling a naked man and a woman shading her beer under large breasts - a cover photo for a list