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Welcome To Caturday

A picture of a cat siting on the bed and the sun light coming down from the window looks like a spotlight, saying welcome to caturday - cover photo for a list of funny gifs and memes of cats

Kitty reporting for Cheezburger

Funny cat standing at salute made into a meme with caption as if he is a Cheezburger soldier.

Because I can’t afford any fishy business

Funny cat meme of a 1-percent rich cat asking if eating crabs would come off a bit SHELLFISH, sounds like selfish.

Honey, we’re out of toilet paper and helmets!


Expectation meets reality

woman tries to recreate sexy car ad and falls hard fail

32 Hilarious Wildlife FAILs and Comedic Photos Brought to You By Nature

funny animal photos from the comedy wildlife photography awards

20 More FAILs Cause By People Who Shouldn’t Be Driving

fails caused by people who shouldn't be allowed to drive

Shaq Shows Off His Horrific Feet on Live TV and Nobody Can Handle the Gross Factor

Shaq shows off his gross feet on live television and people react with horrified opinions on Twitter.

11-Year-Old Accuses Teacher of War Crime and People Love It

11-year-old writes answer on test accusing her teacher of committing war crime and people on Twitter love it.

People Describe Top 10 Worst Dates They’ve Ever Suffered Through

People describe their worst first dates and they are maxed out on cringe.