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Disappointed Kitten Told He Isn’t A Dog

a cute meme of a small kitten being told that they aren't going to big like their huge great dane dog. and kitten looks very sad

Mind Blown

a cat getting very excited and now looking very confused and excited that when you spell Dammit I'm Mad is spelt the same way backwards

27 Stalking Cats That Are Always Watching You

Creepy cats that are watching you

Jealous Newfoundland Dog, Doesn’t Want To Be The Third Wheel

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The Adventures of God Comics – Ashely’s Cat

comics cute Cats funny web comics

10 Cat Proverbs From Different Cultures, But Are All True

a funny meme of a cat sitting on the table and touching a book saying mine - cover for a list about different proverbs regarding cats

100 Years of Kitten Beauty in 60 Seconds

In a parody of Cut Video’s 100 Years of Beauty series, Mashable Watercooler used their fabulous model, Chili, to sport some of the most famous feline looks from the past 100 years Submitted by: (via Mashable Watercooler) Tagged: 100 , beauty , Cats , Video Share on Facebook

Pet Sitter is Traveling The World, And Hasn’t Paid Rent In 3 Years!

a picture of a pet sitter in a kayak and another of her and a dog, - a cover for a story about a girl who travels the worl house sitting and pet sitting other peoples animals in their homes as they go to travel and takes care of their pets.

Dogs Love Everyone

an adorable dog that in in shallow waters with a stick and telling people he just met them, but loves them already

Cat Thinks His Hiding Spot Is The Best

a picture of a cat lying behind the computer trying to hide but the owner has drawn his face on the computer