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Man Filmed a Tree In The Woods For a Year and Captured Things Most People Will Never See

The forest comes alive around this one “special” tree. Submitted by: (via eBaumsworld) Share on Facebook

This Smart Device Will Prepare Future Dog Owners

A new device will help future dog owners to prepare

An Important Lesson About Fostering a Kitten

One of the most common things kitten lady hears is “you have to keep that kitten!” Here’s what she has to say about it. Submitted by: (via Kitten Lady) Tagged: lesson , kitten , Video , fostering Share on Facebook

According to a New Research, People Want Car Horns to Sound Like Duck Quacks

A new research show that people would like to replace trading car horn with ducks quacking

A Surprising Deer Fight Caught on Camera

A Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officer spotted two deer near a trail this week. The two white-tailed bucks appear to be up on their hind legs slapping each other in a fight. Submitted by: (via Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency) Tagged: fight , deer , Video Share on Facebook

10 Oldie But Goodie Hilarious Comics From Cat Versus Human

infographic drawing showing how my cat see's me

Meet The New Mayor of a Small Town Called Raddit Rush

A small town in Kentucky elects a new mayor- a dog

11 New Gifs And Photos of Animals Just Being Jerks That Will Leave You Laughing For Hours

A picture of two dogs at the beach, one dog is digging a hole while the other is getting all the sad thrown in its face - cover photo for a list of funny gifs and photos on different animals being mean

Russian Bloggers Make A Car Fidget Spinner Because of Course They Did

Fidget spinners have been rampaging through pop culture like a hurricane. Their absurd spread has been spurring all kinds of knock-offs and references of all types. Well, now the trend has spread into automobiles after these Russian bloggers welded the front end of the three cars together. It goes just about as well as you’d expect….  Submitted by: (via RT) Tagged: FAIL , youtube , funny Share on Facebook

The Top 10 Moments of the Week That Will Make You Bury Your Face In Your Hands

Person comments on an article about Martin Luther asking why he is light skinned.